Frequently Asked Questions



"Is Life for All International a 501c3 Non Profit?"

- Yes!  That means all donations made are tax deductible!


"Do you have any oversight?"

Yes! We currently have a four-member board who oversee the finances and functions of the organization.


"What does 'life-affirming' mean?"

- The term "life-affirming" means; to affirm the belief that human life begins before birth. We believe that life begins at conception, the very moment when the sperm and egg create a unique life in the mother’s womb and that life continues until natural death.


 "Where do you work?"

- We work anywhere, outside the US, where the church exists and abortion exists. However, we have an office inside a church in Norman located at 801 N Peters Ave.


"Do you help any churches or ministries inside of the US?"

- No, our work is focused on the needs of those outside of the US, in areas that offer less support for women who are considering an abortion.


"Who do you partner with outside of the US?"

- We partner with both churches and para-church organizations.


"Do you believe in sharing the gospel through life-affirming ministries?"

- Yes, we use our ministry as an opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ through whatever opportunity we're presented with.


"Do you start or operate ministries?"

- We help to support local churches and para-church organizations so that they may start and run their own local ministries in order to best reach their communities.


"How do you serve churches and ministries?"

- We serve these ministries in any area needed; through consultation, preaching, training, conferences, professional development, and strategic planning.


"Are you an evangelical ministry?"

- Yes, we share the gospel every chance we're given.